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  一、聽力理解 (略)

  二、單項選擇 (每小題1分,共15分)

  ( )31. — Do you like ______ onions in _____ sandwich?

  — No, I don’t.

  A. an; the B. the; an C. /; a D. the; /

  ( )32. — When is Children’s Day?

  — _____ June 1st ________ each year.

  A. In; / B. On; / C. In; on D. On; in

  ( )33. — Do you need some _______?

  — Oh, yes. The coffee is too strong.

  A. sugar B. lettuce C. salt D. yogurt

  ( )34. — Why did you make this birthday cake?

  — ________ today is your birthday!

  A. If B. When C. Though D. Because

  ( )35. First he washed his clothes, and then cleaned the house. ________ he cooked lunch.

  A. Finally B. Quickly C. Clearly D. Loudly

  ( )36. The weekend is coming. And it’s time _________.

  A. relax B. relaxing C. to relaxing D. to relax

  ( )37. The __________ food for Chinese to eat on the Dragon Boat Festival is zong zi.

  A. expensive B. impossible C. traditional D. primary

  ( )38. — _________ honey do we need?

  — Two cups.

  A. How much B. How many C. How far D. How long

  ( )39. — How will you ________ the holiday?

  — We will have parties.

  A. shake B. celebrate C. cover D. discuss

  ( )40. — Please _______ the computer for me. I want to check my e-mails.

  — OK.

  A. turn on B. cut up C. turn off D. cut down

  ( )41. There _____ any meat. Let’s buy some.

  A. isn’t B. aren’t C. is D. are

  ( )42. — Would you like something to eat?

  — Just _______ bread.

  A. a bottle of B. a cup of C. a spoon of D. a piece of

  ( )43. _______ the table ______ a cloth, or it will get dirty.

  A. Fill; with B. Send; to

  C. Cover; with D. Give; to

  ( )44. — Mike forgot _________ the window before leaving.

  — Oh, there is rain water everywhere in the room.

  A. to closing B. to close C. close D. closed

  ( )45. — Let’s go for a walk.

  — Well, I don’t like to go walking. ______.

  A. I don’t think so B. Good idea

  C. It sounds boring D. Don’t worry

  三、完形填空 (每小題1分,共10分)

  There was a special burger(漢堡包). She had many lives and would never 46 . Each day she woke up, and waited her turn to be cooked by the 47 . After someone ate her, she seemed to be sleeping. The next day, it would 48 again.

  But one day, she heard a customer (顧客) called her “junk food”. Then she understood why most of her favorite customers were unhealthy. She decided to do 49 to change (改變) it.

  The next day, a boy picked her and opened his 50 to eat her. After he finished eating, he said, “This burger doesn’t taste as 51 as before.”

  That was 52 plan. When someone always ate them, she asked other burgers not to be delicious. 53 the customers came once during a long time, they would become more delicious.

  In this way, they began to see 54 fat customers. At the same time, these burgers became much more 55 , because it’s more enjoyable (令人愉快的) to taste something more delicious after some time.

  ( )46. A. wake B. appear C. die D. talk

  ( )47. A. cook B. driver C. doctor D. pilot

  ( )48. A. stop B. end C. fall D. happen

  ( )49. A. everything B. something C. anything D. nothing

  ( )50. A. arm B. heart C. mouth D. hand

  ( )51. A. good B. bad C. cold D. old

  ( )52. A. my B. its C. her D. his

  ( )53. A. And B. Or C. Because D. If

  ( )54. A. less B. fewer C. worse D. harder

  ( )55. A. popular B. serious C. meaningless D. similar

  四、閱讀理解(一) (每小題2分,共30分)


  How to Make Ice Cream in a Bag

  What You Will Need:

  1 spoon of sugar, 1/2 cup of half and half (牛奶和奶油的混合物), 1/4 spoon of vanilla extract (香草精), ice, salt, a big bag, a small bag.

  How We Make it:

  ★First, put the sugar, half and half and vanilla extract into the small bag.

  ★Next, put three glasses of ice into the big bag.

  ★Then, pour about 1/2 cup of salt in the big bag.

  ★When it’s ready, place the small bag in the big bag and seal tightly (系緊). You need to shake the bag for about five minutes.

  ★Finally, take the small bag out. After wiping off (擦去) the salt on the bag, you can open it and enjoy your ice cream.

  You can finish all of the work in less than ten minutes.

  ( )56. When making the ice cream, what do you need?

  A. A spoon of sugar. B. A cup of half and half.

  C. A glass of ice. D. A spoon of salt.

  ( )57. How many kinds of things should you put into the small bag?

  A. One. B. Two. C. Three. D. Four.

  ( )58. What should you put into the big bag at last?

  A. Ice. B. The small bag.

  C. Salt. D. The vanilla extract.

  ( )59. What should you do before you open the small bag?

  A. Put it into the fridge. B. Wait ten minutes.

  C. Wipe off the salt. D. Shake the small bag.

  ( )60. How long will it take you to make an ice cream?

  A. More than five minutes. B. Less than five minutes.

  C. More than ten minutes. D. Less than ten minutes.


  I’m Tim, a 15-year-old school boy now. I traveled through a city seven years ago.

  When I was a child, I learnt from a book that a 16-year-old girl had traveled through Europe, so I hoped I could travel through another city one day. My parents finally agreed with me. After that, I began to plan my trip.

  That Saturday morning, I took a train to Willow City, North Dakota. It is a small city. The main street has two bars, one post office, three banks, a clothes store, an old cinema and two supermarkets.

  In New York if we are out, it’s not often that we see anyone we know. Here, it’s just the opposite (相反的). They can even tell you who is the owner of a car. Everybody who lives here thinks this small city is quiet and safe.

  Now I plan to visit my country by myself, and I will also write travel diaries after traveling every city.

  ( )61. How old was Tim when he traveled through Willow City?

  A. 6. B. 7. C. 8. D. 9.

  ( )62. What can you see on the main street of Willow City?

  A. Two supermarkets. B. Two post offices.

  C. Three clothes stores. D. Three bars.

  ( )63. Why did Tim want to travel through the city?

  A. Because his parents made him do that.

  B. Because he wanted to be famous.

  C. Because he wanted to learn more about the world.

  D. Because a girl’s journey to Europe inspired (激勵) him.

  ( )64. Which of the following is NOT true?

  A. Tim went to Willow City by train.

  B. Tim went to Willow City on a Saturday.

  C. People in New York usually know each other.

  D. People in Willow City live a quiet life.

  ( )65. What can we learn from the last paragraph(最后自然段)?

  A. Tim likes to write travel diaries. B. Tim will travel to more cities by himself.

  C. Tim will travel to another country. D. Tim will write travel diaries every day.


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