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時間:2018-12-16 口語 我要投稿

  Watt:Hi, Maggie. Have you made up your mind?


  Watt:I mean, have you decided to study abroad or to find a job after graduation?

  Maggie:I haven’t made my decision yet. It’s kind of a hard decision.

  Watt:Why’s that? Just a couple of days ago, you were telling me how much you wanted to go overseas to study.

  Maggie:Yes, but a vacancy just opened up in the English Department.


  Maggie:They offered it to me. So now I don’t know what to do.

  Watt:What a great opportunity! I see what you mean though, tough choice.

  Maggie:I’ve been preparing and studying to go abroad. I’ve spent a lot of time and energy, and I hatee to see it all go to waste?.

  Watt:Don’t think about it too much. The job sounds like an excellent opportunity. You should grab it while you have the chance.

  我猶豫了。I hesitated.

  ○ I can’t hesitate like this any longer. 我不能再這么猶豫下去了。

  我該怎么做呢?What should I do?

  ○ Should I do that? 我是否應該那么做呢?

  我真的不知道該選哪一個了。I really don’t know which one to choose.

  = I really don’t know how to make the choice.

  ★ choose [tFu:z] v. 選擇,選定(其名詞形式為choice)


  I was wondering whether I should go with them tomorrow.

  ○ Should I go with them or not? 我是否應該和他們一起去。

  我沒法做決定。I can’t decide.

  ○ Don’t push me to decide. 別逼我做決定。

  請告訴我該怎么做吧。Please tell me what to do.

  ○ God,please give me a sign. 上帝啊,求你給我個指示吧。

  我還沒有拿定主意呢。I haven’t made up my mind.

  ● make up one’s mind“下決心,拿定主意”

  我還沒做決定呢。I haven’t made my decision yet.

  ★ decision [di5siVEn] n. 決定,決心

  我怎么就不能堅定一點呢?Why can’t I be a little determined?

  ★ determined [di5tE:mind] a. 堅決的,堅定的

  我知道,猶豫者終難成事。I know that he who hesitates is lost.

  ○ Hesitation does me no good, but... 猶豫不決對我一點兒好處也沒有,但是…

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