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  K: fine, thanks. How are you?

  J: fine. How are your term papers?

  K: on my lord. I haven't really started them.

  J: how could it be? They are due two weeks later.

  K: I know but I was busy with my part-time job the last few days.

  J: kate, you know, I am thinking of getting a part-time job next year because I really need more money and I don't want to ask my parents for any more. But I'm so busy! How am I going to work and study? How do you do it? Do you have some good tips on budgeting time?

  K: to be honest with you, Jason, I don't think I'm doing a very good job of balancing my schoolwork with my job. I'm always two steps behind. I've got to get back to the dorm and continue writing that paper. Say! Why don’t you talk to your advisor? And let me know!

  J: my advisor?


  1. What's your trouble? 你有什么不舒服?

  2. How long have you had it? 你得這病多久了?

  3. I should say you've caught a cold. 我看你感冒了。

  4. You need an injection. 你需要打針。

  5. Is it serious? 我的病嚴重嗎?

  6. Do I need to be hospitalized? 我需要住院嗎?

  7. Have you seen the doctor? 你看過醫生了嗎?

  8. What did the doctor say? 醫生怎么說?

  9. Jack is up and about now. 杰克病后復原了。

  10. The doctor says that I should take quinine. 醫生說我應該服用奎寧。

  11. What sort of medicine do you take? 你吃的是什么藥?

  12. The doctor says that I should not eat anything oily. 醫生說我不能吃油膩的東西。

  13. I had a shot of penicillin. 我打了一針青霉素。

  14. You have to be operated on. 你得做手術。

  15. He gave me a chest X-ray and took my blood pressure.他給我做了X光胸透并量了血壓。


  1. Do you have any hobbies? 你有什么愛好嗎?

  2. What are you interested in? 你對什么比較感興趣?

  3. What are your interests? 你的愛好是什么?

  4. What do you do in your spare time? 空閑時間你干什么?

  5. How do you spend your evenings? 夜生活你都是怎么過的?

  6. Lots of people like stamp collecting. 許多人喜歡集郵。

  7. I am a Michael Jordan fan. 我是邁克爾·喬丹迷。

  8. Does his film appeal to you? 你喜歡他的電影嗎?

  9. Do you go on picnics? 你常去郊游嗎?

  10. I particularly like English literature. 我對英國文學情有獨鐘。

  11. What's so interesting about football? We girls don't like it.足球有什么意思?我們女生不喜歡它。

  12. She has a particular interest in painting. 她特別愛好繪畫。

  13. I often take my mind off my work by reading an interesting novel.通常我通過閱讀小說使我的注意力從工作上轉移過來。

  14. He plays violin just for enjoyment. 他拉小提琴只是為了自娛自樂。

  15. Photography is an expensive hobby. 攝影是門花費很多的愛好。


  Cathy: sure, but I don't drink much. So I don't know what to order.

  D: so how about an aperitif?

  C: it sounds great. I'd like to start with a Compari.

  D: stirred or shaken?

  C: stirred will be fine.

  D: here you are.

  C: thanks. Does the bar have a signature drink?

  D: sure. All of our mixed drinks are excellent. You can also try a delicious non-alcoholic cocktail.

  C: can you recommend one?

  D: try a Singer. It has lime juice and grenadine over ice.

  C: it sounds interesting. I'll take one.

  D: here we go.

  C: it tastes great.

  D: enjoy yourself.

  C: yeah.



  1. I would have had a much better holiday if I had stayed at home.


  2. What have you been doing since I saw you last time?


  3. If I had got enough money yesterday, I would have bought that tape.


  4. Looking back on it, I think I shouldn't have given up the contest so easily.


  5. Had I taken a taxi, I wouldn't have been late.


  6. Even if you take the exam again, you won't pass it.


  7. Even if you had given him much more money, he might not have paid off the debt.


  8. What would you have done if you hadn't gone out for a picnic yesterday?


  9. I wish I had told him the truth.


  10. I wish you hadn't cheated me.


  11. If it had been fine, we would have gone to the park.


  12. Would he have seen you if you hadn't waved to him?


  13. You should have studied much harder.


  14. I had thought about arguing with the teacher about that, but I didn't have enough courage.


  15. I had thought about living with my grandparents when my parents went abroad last year.



  S: it's Cindy, you know that. Hey, Cindy, say hello to Maria.

  M: Cindy, you're so cute.

  S: she is also very naughty. By the way, do you have a dog, Maria?

  M: I have a little white cat.

  S: Oh, a cat? Come on.

  M: yes, cats are always gentle. and they don't need a lot of space since they're small.

  S: but I think they're dull, aren't they?

  M: not at all. They're quiet most of the time.But they can be every bit as affectionate as dogs.

  S: well, cats are certainly more independent.

  M: absolutely. Believe it or not, I found my cat by a garbage can around my neighborhood two years ago.

  S: oh, really? so you just took home a stray cat?

  M: yes. It was starving and looking for something to eat when I saw it.

  S: Poor cat.

  M: now we get along very well. It makes me feel that I'm someone special.

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