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時間:2019-08-23 口語 我要投稿

  T: Hello! May I help you?


  C: Yes, I hope so. I need some more cash for my visit in China. May I cash a traveler's check here?

  是的, 是這樣。 我需要些現金,在中國觀光時使用。我能在這兒兌現旅行支票嗎?

  T: Of course. We'd be happy cash it for you.

  當然, 我很樂意為您兌現。

  C: I was going to cash it at the hotel, but one of my friends said that banks always give better exchange rates.

  我原本打算在家旅館兌現, 但我朋友說銀行的兌現率通常有點高。

  T: Well, any bank will cash it at our present traveler's check-buying rate, which we somewhat better than at hotels because of the service charge. You see, hotels aren't really in the money exchange business although they will cash traveler's checks for their guests.

  任何銀行都是按現時買入旅行支票的兌換率來兌現的。這個兌現率我們已經列在這里了。當然,因為手續費的差異,我們的兌換率比旅館的稍高些。您知道,旅館雖然為客人兌換旅行支票, 但他們并不是專門從事兌換業務的。

  C: You mean there's really not much of a difference?


  T: No, madam, not very much.


  C: Well, may I cash these three checks for $100 each? I think that will be enough.

  那么,我能把每張100美圓的3張支票兌現嗎? 我想該夠用了。

  T: Yes, I'll be happy to cash these for you. Would you please countersign them here?


  C: There you are.

  T: And will you please sign this foreign exchange request? I've already written down your name and address for you, but I will read your passport number.


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