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  Waiting for a person


  只為等待一個人 I waited for someone

  我在等待一個人 I'm waiting for one person

  等待一個人的出現 Waiting for the emergence of ; Wait for a person appear ; Waiting for a person's emerging

  等待另一個人 Waiting for the other personal ; Waiting for another person ; Awaiting another

  等待另一個人慢慢明白 for somebody else to understand


  1. 對于世界而言,你是一個人;但是對于某個人,這樣的等待凄美了離別,你是他的全部世界。

  To the world you may be one person, but to one person you may be the world.?

  2. 不久前我在深圳見到了曾經過的一個人,那個唯一從網絡走入現實的人,那個我在大學里翹首等待的人。

  Not long ago I met a person I loved before, the only one who come from internet to realistic and the one whom I was waiting during my school time.

  3. 如果我們爬的嬰兒高一點沒有什么問題我剛剛舉行緊你就會知道,如果你在這里節省你我所有的愛一個人的等待這些年來,只為你我的女孩音樂你永遠不知道的人就在這里有人正在等待只為你希望有一天你會知道我們將gotether,我們的愛將增長這么多的夢想漂移拿走但我愛你就像我說沒有人問的方式可能改變如果我今晚再次接觸說你一回來的這些天我們的愛將是相同的因此,讓我看看你的眼睛請不要隱瞞,請不要隱瞞所以嬰兒,如果我們多加一點力度并獲得更接近我們要通過nighty 哦。。

  Baby if we climb a little higher nothing really matters that i had just hold on tight you will know if you were here saving all my love for you someone's waiting all these years just for you my girl musicyou never know someone is right here someone is waiting just for you hoping someday you will know we will be gotether, our love will grow so many dreams drift it away but i love you just as i say no one ask could change the way if i touch you tonight again say you come back one the these days and our love will be the same so let me look in your eyes please don't hide, please don't hide so baby if we try a little harder and get a little closer that we make through the nighty oh..

  4. 杜桑的床也同樣剝光了,只有一張床是鋪好的,似乎等待著一個人,這就是冉阿讓的床。

  Toussaint's bed was despoiled in like manner. One bed only was made up, and seemed to be waiting some one, and this was Jean Valjean's bed.

  5. 準備午餐-等待你的辦公桌上靜靜地,當你的午餐號碼稱為,讓您的午餐或午餐錢,排隊秩序;隨身攜帶的一切,你將不能再回到教室后,我們離開了午餐,當你在排隊等候,想想你需要的方式來行事的午餐室和操場,當你在午餐和休息,一個人找到誰是負責任的行為,并準備向類你的發現。

  Preparing for lunch Wait quietly at your desk; when your lunch number is called, get your lunch or lunch money and line up in order; take everything with you, as you will not be allowed to come back to the classroom after we leave for lunch; while you're waiting in line, think about the way you need to behave in the lunchroom and on the playground; while you're at lunch and at recess, find one person who is behaving responsibly and be prepared to tell the class what you noticed.

  6. 你在等待一個人做你的拍檔。

  You're waiting for someone to perform with.

  7. 我相信在這個世界上有一個人會等待著我,盡管我不知道我等待的是誰。

  I believe that in this world will be a man waiting for me, although I do not know who I am waiting.

  8. 一個人可能在等待和共同協作上存在困難,也許會說或者做事,即使這樣會冒犯別人。

  Teenagers and adults can write lists and extablish with to make sure they do important tasks.

  9. 當你遇到了一個人,你一直在等待的那個人

  When you meet the one, that you've been waiting for

  10. 明白他要的是什么樣的女人:男人的心理其實很難琢磨,有一種男人喜歡金絲雀型的女人,不會對他的命令有任何的異議,隨時以溫暖港灣的姿態等待他的臨幸,對他的所作所為全身心的信賴,是被賣了還會幫他數鈔票的類型,男人在外面勾心斗角累了,也確實需要有這樣一個人可以撫慰他,但時間一長,如果那男的不是池中之物,他就會厭倦,然后跑出去找其他的刺激,當然,一般情況下,他也不會就這樣扔了這個女人,只要他在外面受了傷,他一樣會回到這個女人的身邊。

  Understand what he wants is what kind of woman: Male psychology is difficult to digest, there is a man like the canary in the type of woman, his orders will not have any objection to harbor a warm gesture at any time waiting for him to Lin Xing, threw himself on his actions the trust is sold will help him Shu Chaopiao the type of men outside the infighting tired, dalian massage really need to have such a person could soothe him, but over time, if that man is not the pool thing, he will be fed up, and then ran out to find other incentives, of course, under normal circumstances, he will not just throw this woman, as long as he was out injured, like him, would return to this woman's side.

  11. 對于這支23勝5負的湖人隊而言,他們還有一長串的問題等待著他們去解決,因為沒有一個人會說球隊現在的狀態就是他們自己所希望達到的水平。

  It's a pretty lengthy laundry list for a team with a 23-5 record but no one on the Lakers will claim they're currently playing at the level that they expect from themselves.

  12. 我們知道,有一天將會有一個人在某個地方把它拾起,而我們所需要做的只是耐心等待最好的到來。

  We know that some day, somewhere, somebody would pick it up, and that what we have to do is only to have the patience to wait for the best.

  13. 一個人不是因為自己的過錯,而經常是因為那些迫使別人等待的人低效率而受懲罰。

  Our cities will continue to become more crowded and noisome. The landscape will get more cluttered, the air and water even dirtier.

  14. 沒有一個人能一直留在山上,因為山下還有許多工作等待我們去做。

  No one can stay on the mount of privilege.

  15. 等待結束于去年11月當約翰吉爾哈特的組在報告約翰霍普金斯醫院的發展似乎是一個人乙二醇路線和詹姆斯湯姆遜集團在威斯康星大學介紹了孤立的人類細胞與胚胎干細胞特性的。

  The wait ended in November last year when John Gearhart's group at the Johns Hopkins Hospital reported on the development of what seemed to be a human EG line and James Thomson's group at the University of Wisconsin described the isolation of human cells with the properties of ES cells.

  16. 從這幅畫中我們可以看到,一個人正站在叉路岐途之前,等待他的是要決定究竟走哪條路。

  In order to make a decision that we will not regret, we should bear these two principles in mind: thinking before acting, and never missing any opportunities that arise.

  17. 這不應該是一個人的戰斗,讓我們一同陪他來等待。

  This should not be one the individual's battle, let us accompany him to await together.

  18. 我很不愿意這樣做,花費近200美元,我不喜歡吃東西,但寒冷和饑餓,所以我進入必勝客,必勝客沒想到還有排隊,等待一段時間,以有幾個人,這是很自然的我們站在衛生服務,使他們能夠在先進的,我們感到非常憤怒,這是第一次向我們解釋,但他們沒有耐心傾聽我們的拗口英語,因此,我們只是繼續等待。

  I am very reluctant to do so, to spend nearly 200 dollars I do not like to eat things, but cold and hunger, so I entered the Pizza Hut, Pizza Hut did not think there`s also lining up, waiting for a while, to Several people, it is natural for us to stand in front of Health Services to enable them to the advanced, we are very angry, it is explained to us first, but they do not have the patience to listen to our awkward-sounding English, so we just continue to wait.

  19. 我知道等待一個人的感受。

  I know what it's like to hold on to someone.

  20. 羅莎娜:有一個人你是不會讓她在電話邊空等待的,那就是南茜·弗萊德曼。

  Rosanne: One person you don't want to leave hanging on the telephone is Nancy Friedman.








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