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時間:2019-08-24 自我介紹 我要投稿

  Morning! Thank you for giving me this interview opportunity. I come from Affiliated Hospital Medical College Which is 3A level hospital in Jiangxi province.

  I graduated from Medical College and got my bachelor’s degree in Medical Imaging and Nuclear Medicine in 2003. After that, I became a doctor in the Affiliated Hospital Medical College and took charge of some research and teaching work in Ultrasound. In the past six years, I have published 6 papers, 3 of those were published in core journal. Due to my hard working and all these achievements, I was exceptionally promoted to be lectureship in 2007.

  Well, I may be an outstanding doctor in my hospital but I realized two years ago when I was visiting 301 hospital as a trainee, there is a significant gap between those professors and me. The academic atmosphere there also excited me so much that I decided to get further systematic training in famous university.

  I took the entry exam twice. The first time, I failed because my English was lower than the level. Well, I am the kind of person that once I have set up an aim I will fulfill it no matter what I may meet. The little frustration can’t beat me. To my pleasure, I am here today and I hope you could offer me this study chance.


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